Vesela Koeva

Certified EFL Instructor at Bridge in Santiago de Chile

Vesela Koeva is a certified EFL instructor at BridgeEnglish Chile. For the past year, she focused on teaching Business English to corporate professionals and executives in South America. She is passionate about innovative methods in education and language teaching. While pursuing her M.A. in Translation and editing in Bulgaria, she won an Erasmus scholarship which allowed her to study for one semester at Charles University in Prague. There she developed an interest in multilingualism and language management.

Her teaching journey started in Alicante, Spain where thanks to another scholarship, she spent 10 months teaching English to children from 2 to 12 years old. Vesela’s teaching journey brought her to Chile in 2019. She came as an English teaching volunteer for The English Opens Doors Program (Programa Inglés Abre Puertas), an initiative supported by the Chilean Ministry of Education that brings native and near-native English speakers to work as teaching assistants at public schools. Vesela spent 4 months teaching in Puerto Montt, a city in the south of Chile.

* Schedule: Vesela will be presenting in a breakout session titled “What do Business English students expect from their teacher and class?” on Friday, March 5th 10:00-11:00 am MST.

This topic could be presented through the lens of online teaching – something that many of us, teachers, had to tackle in 2020. Both teachers and students had to adapt and learn how to create and interact in the most productive and useful way. The pandemic “broke” plenty of barriers when it comes to teaching Business English online. Especially in South America, students have been adopting online Business English classes as the “norm”. They enjoy the flexibility and the use of technology. 
Business English students expect their classes to be accurate. This accuracy comes from the personalized study program they receive at the beginning of their language course. The Needs Analysis we use at Bridge English is a simple but powerful tool that helps us evaluate the student and thus create the most suitable syllabus possible.
Apart from that Business English students appreciate the flexibility of their teacher. We let them know that if they have to do a presentation; write a report; send emails in English, we can adjust the classes and help them out/practice with them. They want the reassurance that the syllabus/classes are flexible, adjustable, and designed for them. They also require up-to-date materials and textbooks. Modern professionals would know if a textbook provides outdated information.
In childhood education, we often say that teachers should follow the child. It turns out that this principle is true for adults as well. Business English students know what they are looking for.