Dr. Tonya Tripp

Executive Director of Curriculum at Alegra Learning

With a Master’s and PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology, as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Tonya is passionate about developing effective learning technologies that are robust and built on a bedrock of proven research. An experienced teacher herself, Tonya has taught young students as well as teachers and professors alike.

  • Phd in Instructional Psychology and Technology

  • Master’s Degree in Instructional Psychology and Technology

  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration

  • Senior Instructional Designer at Brigham Young University

  • Instructional Design manager at Imagine Learning

Member of the American Educational Research Association

* Schedule: Dr. Tripp will be presenting a breakout session with Carter titled “Soul-tiplication: How Learning Another Language Makes Us More Human and Increases Empathy” on Thursday, March 4th 1:00-2:00 pm MST.

Breakout Session Description: Charlemagne said “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” While we know that a person’s language can communicate their worldview, few realize how much a person’s language shapes their worldview. Research shows that knowing more than one language increases one’s empathy. And in today’s climate of division, mistrust, and fear, empathy is exactly what we need to overcome those challenges. Educators and social scientists are beginning to harness the powerful technologies of today to teach empathy, as well as other languages, to younger and younger learners.