Nicholas Jenkins

CEO and Founder at Language Confidence

Nick comes from a family of educators, with a primary teacher for a mother and a university professor for a father. Growing up being surrounded by a passion for learning, Nick used this as his base for persisting with his pursuits. Nick is a true entrepreneur: a dreamer that combines natural business acumen with learned technology skills.

Nick had exited his first startup before his 22nd birthday, starting another soon after which lead him to leaving Australia and moving to China. When that startup failed, Nick acquired his TESOL qualification and taught English in China whilst planning his next move, which grew into Language Confidence. He wanted to replicate what he was doing as a teacher in the classroom and scale it with technology to democratise language education.

Nick founded Language Confidence with only a laptop and a bag of clothes and its since taken him to live in 4 countries and visiting over 30 more. Nick studied HSK 3 level Mandarin whilst living in China, and loves surfing, cooking, woodwork and travelling.

His goals are to:

– Educate 1 billion people

– Build a unicorn

– Solve the most difficult technical problems that emulate a human’s capacity by using technology for the betterment of society

* Schedule: Nicholas will be joining the general session panel titled “How the Innovators Build Their Products” on Friday, March 5th 11:00-11:45 am MST.