Mohammed Slivany

Security Supervisor, Interpreter, and Translator at the British Army

My name is Mohammed Kurdi Slivany. I am a translator/ interpreter with leaders, Kurdish motivator and English teacher. I have graduated from the polytechnic institute department of business management.
I have graduated from online English courses with Oregon University with U.S. consulate 2016. I worked with KRG for teaching English for 4 years as an English teacher. I’m from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, I am a volunteer with the U.S. consulate, and I am a volunteer with a Youth Council.
I do work with ADO institute and I help E.D.G.E. institute from Washington DC. I also teach English courses for free to be a hope for those people who want to be successful.

* Schedule: Mohammed will be presenting a breakout session titled “How to find joy in your work as a Language Professional: Loving the English language” on Wednesday, March 3, at 10:00am MST.