Manuel Rojas Mata

National Coordinator of the Alliance for Bilingualism, Costa Rica

I became a teacher because I wanted to inspire my students to be better. I wanted to make a difference in their lives. I decided to pursue my career as an English teacher because of my own experience with the language. I didn’t learn a lot of English during school, so I wanted give that opportunity to the next generation. As a teacher, I worked in high school and with adults at the University level.
Afterwards, I became a Regional English Advisor in Los Santos Region in Costa Rica. Currently, I work in the Vice Ministry of Public Education as the National Coordinator of the Alliance for Bilingualism. This responsibility gives meaning to my life. Life brings us good and bad things in all areas. By facing both the good and the bad with responsibility, commitment, passion and freedom, you will overcome any obstacle you face. This attitude will reflect in every action you take.

* Schedule: Manuel will be participating in a general session panel on Wednesday, March 3rd 1:00-1:35 pm MST.