Leah Donelson

Bridge TEFL Tutor, Curriculum Developer, & Online English Teacher

I’m Leah Donelson and I live in Denver. I’m a Colorado native and in my free time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, and craft beer. Travel and connection are what feed my soul. I love connecting with people from around the world and immersing myself in new cultures. I’ve travelled mostly in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., but everywhere else is on my list!

Prior to my teaching career, I worked in the financial industry for about 10 years. In 2013, I decided to make a career change and found my passion for teaching English while backpacking around Europe. I have a BA in English Literature, a Cambridge CELTA certification, a Cambridge DELTA Module One diploma, and a Cambridge DELTA Module Two diploma in progress. I have experience in academic management, teaching adults both in the classroom and online, teaching kids online and teaching high schoolers in Madrid, Spain. Currently, I’m an online Tutor at Bridge TEFL and a freelance course/curriculum developer and online English teacher. Helping students achieve their language goals and empowering teachers in the same quest fuel my passion for teaching and training.

* Schedule: Leah will be presenting in a breakout session titled “Teaching English in English – what does it mean to empower teachers with confidence in their own speaking?” on Wednesday, March 3rd 10:00-11:00 am MST.

Breakout Session Description: The landscape of English language teaching looks vastly different today than it did just a few short years ago. Many students are often opting, by choice or necessity, to learn English in their own countries. The days of seeking only native speaking teachers are fading away and with that has come the emergence of more and more non-native speaking English teachers. How can we empower those teachers with confidence while teaching in English? ESL teacher and Bridge teacher trainer Leah Donelson will explore this question and discuss the importance of teaching in English while still communicating across cultures.