Laura Lewin

Internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant

Laura Lewin is an internationally recognized speaker, author and consultant, and for the past thirty years she has been involved in teacher training. She has designed and delivered workshops for teachers and for ELT Managers all over South America, the United States and Europe. Laura is the President of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference of Professional Development for Teachers of English and Administrators, among other conferences. She pursued studies in translation in Argentina (UADE) and TESOL in the USA (University of California). Laura is an international teacher trainer for Cambridge University Press (UK) and is the author of nine books: “Gestión Educativa en Acción”, “El Aula Afectiva, “Que enseñes no significa que aprendan”, Anita & Ben, Aulas Motivadas, Mejores Directivos: Mejores Instituciones Educativas and Fuertes y Felices. She has co written, La Educación Transformada. Her latest book, La Nueva Educación has just been released.

* Schedule: Laura will be presenting a keynote address on Friday, March 5th 2:05-2:30 pm MST on the topic of “Leadership“. 

Keynote Description: Leadership means you will have to recognize and develop the potential in people, but leading people who simply do not follow you is impossible. Leadership is influence- nothing more, nothing else.
The good news: good leadership can be taught! But in order to learn how to do things right, you will have to unlearn a lot! Ready to lead mindfully? Step up into courageous leadership!

She also will be presenting a breakout session on Wednesday, March 3rd 12:00-1:00 pm MST on the topic of “Formative Assessment“.

Breakout Session Description: Formative assessment can dramatically improve student learning. This session is not about how to assess only. It´s about changing our approach to teaching. This action-ready workshop will provide you with the right tools to promote student engagement and autonomy in learning.