Lance Huang

Education Lead at Agora

Based in Silicon Valley, Lance Huang is currently the Education Lead at, a public company offering a real-time engagement platform that enables video/audio calls and live interactive streaming. He is dedicated to helping EdTech companies assemble interactive classrooms and effectively engage students across the world.

Prior to Agora, Lance was the Investment Manager at TAL Education Group, one of the leading EdTech companies providing after-school tutoring services. He has experience accelerating the business growth of EdTech companies and helping them develop sustainable strategies. Lance Huang received a master’s degree in Engineering Management from Duke University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

* Schedule: Lance will be presenting in a breakout session about the “The secret ingredient to online language learning success: human interaction” on Wednesday, March 3rd 12:00-1:00pm MST.

Breakout Session Description:  Methods for language learning continually adapt to technological change – from traditional in-person tutoring to cassette tape dialogues, to online gamification and practices, and then to AI-enabled adaptive learning. The next breakthrough in improved student outcomes is being driven by the reintegration of human instructors empowered with technology tools to allow for more effective and personalized instruction.  

This session will describe case studies and best practices for how online language learning is being reimagined around interactive experiences (voice and video) with live instructors and students, resulting in better learning outcomes and new commercial opportunities.