Jeramy Lund

Managing Director, Impact Investing - Sorenson Impact

Jeramy Lund is the Managing Director of Impact Investing at the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah.  At the Center he oversees a staff doing advisory due diligence for various clients which has resulted in over $30mm of direct impact investments and is the Managing Director for University Venture Funds I&II.  UVF II is a student-centric impact fund the incorporates teaching students how to diligence an investment with professional oversight on the diligence and management of an impact venture fund. 

Jeramy Lund is also Principal Partner for XIII, LLC; a diversified family holding company, with a primary focus on early-stage VC and cash-producing real asset investments and a partner at Valter’s Osteria a fine dining restaurant in Salt Lake City.  Currently Mr. Lund is a member of the Kickstart Seed Fund (I&II) Investment Committees an Emeritus Member of the Park City Angel Network.  Prior to his current employment, Mr. Lund worked for JP Morgan (New York), DLJ International (London) and American Stores Company (Salt Lake City, UT) and served as Chairman of the Board of Command 7, Inc., and Three-D Spirits, Inc.

Jeramy is actively involved in the non-profit arena.  He is a founding member, former Chair and on the Board of the Community Foundation of Utah and Pandolabs; Treasurer of the Lund Foundation and on the Board of Envision Utah and the Advisory Committee for Utah Clean Energy.  He previously served as Board Chairman for Recycle Utah, and for the Nature Conservancy, Gen C, University Of Utah Alumni Association and Wild Utah Project Boards.   

Jeramy graduated from the University of Utah, Magna Cum Laude, with a BS in Accounting and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.  He enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors and traveling within the state of Utah, the US and abroad.

* Schedule: Jeramy will be presenting a keynote address about the “25 Years of Social Impact Investing: What Creates Winning teams and products” on Thursday, March 4th 9:35-10:00 am MST.