Jean-Marc Alberola

Founder and President of Bridge Education Group

Bridge is led by Founder and CEO Jean-Marc Alberola, an experienced leader with 30 years of experience in international education. Jean-Marc’s experience includes 10 years overseas in Brazil, Chile and Argentina building Linguatec, a chain of seven language centers catering to the corporate training market.  Most recently he led the creation of BridgePathways a division of Bridge focused on international student recruitment and the establishment of 6 ESL centers on U.S. University campuses. 

Jean-Marc has served as a board member of IALC (International Association of Language Centers) and is a frequent speaker and thought leader in international education. Jean-Marc has a deep understanding of the international language training industry, and a successful track record building and growing companies.  Jean-Marc holds a BA in Economics from the University of Vermont.

* Schedule: Jean-Marc will be presenting a keynote address  “The Rise of the Global English Teacher” on Friday, March 5th 9:10-9:35 am MST.

Keynote Description: Despite all the advances in technology and the growth and popularity of language apps, English teachers continue to play the prominent role in the delivery of English language training .  Today, teacher marketplaces and the adoption of online learning in the global ELT sector are creating new opportunities for teachers as teacherpreneurs, as digital nomads, and as active participants in a global gig economy. These opportunities, when combined with increasing investment in English language teacher professional development set the stage for the increased professionalization of the industry, while also providing access for new teachers to enter the sector for the first time.