Hallo App Teaching Challenge (With Prizes!) 

Apply the knowledge you have gained from the Language Summit about teaching online to the inaugural Language Summit edtech challenge and teach on the English learning marketplace for the chance to win a professional TEFL course from one of two of the top online TEFL certifying organizations: Bridge and International TEFL Academy.

With the real skills you have learned throughout the conference, we believe that you can offer real value to real students on the Hallo app which is why we are putting $2736 worth of prizes up for grabs including Hallo premium for free for anyone that participates!


The rules are simple:

  1. Register for the Language Summit.
  2. Download the Hallo app and create a free account. (You can do so here: https://www.hallo.tv/download/)
  3. Email us at support@hallo.tv with your Hallo user ID (the name listed under your profile picture on your profile page) to officially sign up for the competition.
  4. We will then give you 2 weeks of Hallo premium for free so you can teach for free using video/audio. Also, we will send you a special competition thumbnail to use during the competition. (*Note: If you are a teacher on Hallo, you will still need to email us to sign up but you can just teach from your regular account.)
  5. Prepare a lesson plan on any topic. (*We recommend doing a practice stream on the same or a different topic to make sure you feel comfortable with the platform.)
  6. Teach a 20-25 minute lesson on the Hallo app during the 11:45am-12:15pm MST time period on Friday, March 5th. If you can’t teach then, you will need to let us know and teach your lesson earlier in the day so our judges can look for and evaluate your lesson as well.

The prizes are awesome:

  1. 210-Hour Bridge Specialized Certification in Teaching Online

    Master the terms, technology, and teaching methods you need to enter the virtual classroom with confidence! Learn from 210 hours of interactive content (including teaching videos, discussion boards, and a 60-hour Practicum) in the four-part Teaching English Online course series. Learn more!

    $988 Value

  2. 170-Hour Online TEFL Certification Course from International TEFL Academy

    Master the basics of teaching English as a foreign language from this essential base course. Learn everything from classroom management, error correction, and lesson planning to teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation.  (150 hours academic coursework + 20 hours of practicum (live practice teaching)

    $1,449 Value

  3. 30-Hour Specialty Course Teaching English Online from International TEFL Academy

    $299 Value

    *Bonus: Everyone that participates will receive Hallo Premium for free for 2 weeks!