Donovan Brown

Content Manager at Lo-Fi, Digital Marketer

Donovan Brown has dedicated his career to serving others. He began as an English Volunteer in the United States Peace Corps serving in Sierra Leone, West Africa from 2017-2019. After returning from Sierra Leone, Donovan served as a community organizer in Jacksonville, Florida with I.C.A.R.E. (Interfaith Coalition for Action Reconciliation and Empowerment). There he led a mental health campaign that resulted in the police department committing to train infield officers in the nationally recognized Crisis Intervention Team program.

Donovan joined Lo-Fi Language because he believes in its mission to empower educators and creatives to pursue their passion while using their skills to provide a stable means of income for themselves.

* Schedule: Donovan will be presenting a breakout session with Miles Iton titled “LoFi Language Learning: The Dopest Descriptivist Approach“. Date and time TBA.

Breakout Session Description: Hip-hop is one the top 5 growing music genres globally. Not only does it have a rich origin but wherever hip-hop spreads it incorporates a part of that region’s culture and identity. This malleability of hip-hop allows for people across the world to form their own personal connection to the genre of music. Hip-hop is more than an art form. Hip-hop more than entertainment. Our presentation will show how hip-hop can be used effectively as a tool to teach english to nonnative speakers. We will break down 5 pillars of hip-hop and how each pillar correlates with a strong foundation for teaching and learning english as a foreign language. The LoFi Language Learning approach to EFL provides an immersive and interactive experience for our learners while growing their confidence and capacity in the language. 

5 Pillars of Hip-Hop 

* As it relates to teaching English as a foreign language. 

  1. Movement: Language of The Body 
  2. Vision: Global English(es) and The End of Postcolonial Descriptivism
  3. Sound Rhythm and Mnemonics 
  4. Speak: Culturally Competent Classrooms
  5. Knowledge: Mental Self is Educational Wealth!