Dean Packard

Lead Software Engineer at Hallo

Dean is the Lead Software Engineer at Hallo. He has always loved computers and problem solving. To be solving the problem of language learning is a dream come true! He has 6 years of software engineering experience. He started out as a Quality Assurance lead at ContractPal, and left when he coded himself out of a job by building a test framework to test the code for him. Then while finishing school and being a full time parent worked as an independent game developer and had a few really great contracts building mobile games. Finally after graduating Dean joined Hallo and has quickly become a code guru, and loves how Hallo continually puts his abilities to the test.

Dean graduated with his bachelors in computer science with an emphasis in Networking from Utah Valley University in 2018. Dean lives in Utah with his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Being the best husband/father ever is his greatest aspiration. Outside of working with Hallo, Dean has a passion for web design, game development, and playing games with his family. He likes to code games and will often participate in game jams, where you design and develop a game in 24 hours, in his free time.

* Schedule: Dean will be presenting in a breakout session with Andrew Hale on Wednesday, March 3rd 10:00-11:00am MST.