Dani Moraga

Customer Success Manager at Hallo

Daniela has always been passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and decided to study Psychology in 2011. After graduation, she spent most of her time assisting vulnerable children and volunteering in jail, where she lead different workshops about effective communication, resilience, social skills, among others, to inmates. Over the last couple of years, she has focused her efforts on contributing to a local school’s mental health well-being in Chile.In 2017 she participated in an interview to talk about her English learning experience with the Hallo CEO, Joon Beh. Since then, she became one of the first 100 Halloers and has been a student on the app since the very beginning. Her understanding of the Hallo community, people’s skills, and experience helped her immensely in her current role as Customer Success Manager at Hallo.Daniela took the pandemic as an opportunity to explore and develop different abilities, taking an especial interest in writing therapeutic stories for children, drawing, cooking with her family, and gardening.

* Schedule: Dani will be presenting a breakout session about the “What’s Keeping You From Getting Hired and What To Do in the Meantime”  on Friday, March 5th 1:00-2:00 pm MST.

Breakout Session Description: In this session, you will learn the strategies current hiring managers at Hallo use to determine who to hire and principles you can follow to become more hire-able in the edtech and language learning industries. We will also discuss ways you can continue your education and build up your resume while you are still looking for a job. There are always new opportunities for growth and learning. Don’t become discouraged just because one door closes. There are always more doors opening every day.