Becky Douglas

Founder and Director of Rising Star Outreach 

Becky Douglas is the Founder and President of Rising Star Outreach, a non-profit that works with the leprosy-affected of India. Becky is the subject of the Gracie Award-winning PBS documentary, Breaking the Curse, and was featured in the Emmy Award-winning documentary series Profiles in Caring.  She was the recipient of the John Houston Allen Humanitarian of the Year Award by Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, and she received the Classic Woman Award in 2009 by Traditional Homes Magazine.

Her work has been featured in the Ladies Home Journal, the Washington Post, and numerous other journals and magazines, as well as by the BBC, ABC, NBC, and other television networks. Rising Star Outreach’s work will also be featured in a six-show series, LIFT, coming out on PBS. Becky’s work has touched audiences across the world. She spreads the message that within each of us lies the power to make a difference in the world. Becky is married to John L. Douglas, the Executive Senior Vice President of TIAA in NYC.  They are the parents of ten children.

* Schedule: Becky will be presenting a keynote address about the “Power of One” on Wednesday, March 3rd 9:35-10:00 am MST.