Ashley Thomas Whitesides

Partnerships Manager at Hallo, Director of the Language Summit

Ashley is the Partnership manager at Hallo and the Director of the Language Summit.

She developed a passion for language learning through learning French as a student and Japanese as a volunteer. After returning from Japan she taught Japanese in a rigorous program that moved her students from no prior exposure to the language to functional communication in just 9 weeks.

Combining her passion for language learning with the passion for doing good that she has always had, she has joined with Hallo’s team as a leader and an innovator. She has gathered world class speakers together for the Language Summit and makes a day job of helping hundreds of teachers and thousands of students join the language learning industry through innovative technology and new opportunities.

Ashley’s work focuses on the democratization of language learning so that students, teachers, administrators and edtech can co-create more effective learning outcomes.

Outside of work, Ashley is passionate about preventative healthcare, baking homemade bread, hiking, vocal performance, spending time with family and friends, personal finance, and lifting weights with her husband.

* Schedule: Ashley will be presenting a breakout session about the “What’s Keeping You From Getting Hired and What To Do in the Meantime”  on Friday, March 5th 1:00-2:00 pm MST.

Breakout Session Description: In this session, you will learn the strategies current hiring managers at Hallo use to determine who to hire and principles you can follow to become more hire-able in the edtech and language learning industries. We will also discuss ways you can continue your education and build up your resume while you are still looking for a job. There are always new opportunities for growth and learning. Don’t become discouraged just because one door closes. There are always more doors opening every day.