Andrew Hale

Software Engineer at Hallo, Polyglot

Andrew Hale is a Software Engineer at Hallo, helping to develop both the mobile app and the web version. He graduated summa cum laude from Brigham Young University in 2018 with a BS in Computer Science. His time at university is where he discovered his interest in languages, beginning with American Sign Language and subsequently forging into the Romance languages with Spanish, Italian, French, and Romanian, as well as learning German and later, while living in Finland, Finnish and Swedish. He is currently studying Danish and Czech.

In the world of computation, Andrew has done research with Professor Ryan Farrell to study Multi-view Learning of Object Geometry, teaching computers to model and interpret the minute movements of ground-dwelling invertebrates. He has also assisted in teaching everything from Data Structures and algorithms to Computational and Probabilistic Models, and loves teaching and learning with a passion.
When Andrew joined Hallo in 2020, he found that his linguistic, computational, and pedagogical interests merged harmoniously together as he began working to democratize language-learning and reform the worldwide educational market, a direct contribution to his lifelong pursuit of changing the world and bringing the joy and opportunities of learning to billions.
He also loves playing the violin and piano, ballroom dancing, developing solutions to problems in the field of Computational Complexity Theory, traveling, and trying new types of cheeses.

* Schedule: Andrew will be presenting in a breakout session with Dean Packard on Wednesday, March 3rd 10:00-11:00am MST.